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Our mission is to strengthen the voice of young people by cooperating with organizations working for the youth and to support the participation of young people in social life through integration of the youth community.

What's our goal?

Dialogue with Youth

We conduct dialogue with young people as well as with Polish diaspora organizations and state institutions in order to best pay attention to the needs of young people.

Studies Abroad

We provide the necessary information about studies and their funding both in Poland and abroad.

Implementation of Youth Ideas

We help young people implement ideas by providing financial resources, organizing formal and logistical issues.

International Work

We work with young people around the world, joining forces in implementing projects and creating engaging solutions.


About Us

"Helping young people to become valuable members of their community, people who are full of knowledge, open to the needs of other people, who love their homeland, and who are aware of their own value is and always will be the main goal of the Polish Youth Association. "


Founder & President of the Polish Youth Association

How do we work?


Consulting with the Youth

Through consultation with young people, we try to best identify their needs and support the implementation of their ideas. In order to best identify the needs of young people and implement their ideas, we constantly consult with young people, asking them for their opinions on matters relevant to them.



We prepare a comprehensive analysis of a given problem, creating proposals for projects we later implement.


Cooperation with institutions

We work with institutions and non-governmental organizations so that they better understand the needs of young people and more effectively engage young generations, as well as more effectively encourage young generations to act.


Implementation of projects

We implement projects in the form of social programs and campaigns that we introduce, through which we fulfill our statutory goals. By organizing various social programs and campaigns we implement the main goals of our association.

By implementing projects in the form of diverse programs and social campaigns, we fulfill the main goals and objectives of our association.

Office of the President of the Association

Office of Administrative Affairs

Office of Social Affairs

Department of International Affairs

Department of Programs

Department of Finance

Department of Media and Promotion


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