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The Polish Youth Association was established in May 2019. At that time, a group of young emigrants came to the conclusion that an organization should be established that would unite Polish and Polish diaspora youth from all over the world. The inauguration of the Polish Youth Association took place at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York, one of the most prestigious Polish diplomatic missions in the world.

The Polish Youth Association deals with supporting and inspiring young people in implementing their initiatives, organizing cultural, educational and informational events and events for young people, creating and implementing projects for young people, ie occasional celebrations, competitions, meetings with important people, etc. , cooperating with organizations in order to identify new opportunities to develop their talents for young people, obtain information on scholarships and financial support in the field of paying for studies or other projects, and to support young people in engaging in activities related to Poland and Polish heritage.


The Polish Youth Association has its headquarters in New York. The organization's goal is to shape righteous citizens and create awareness of one's own values ​​and willingness to improve one's personality in order to become a valuable part of the Polish diaspora as well as righteous citizens of the chosen country.


The Polish Youth Association was created for the cultural, societal, and educational purpose of supporting youth initiatives, organizing events for youth, and curating programs relating to the furthering of Polish history, culture, language, traditions, and heritage.


Strengthening the voice of young people by cooperating with organizations working for them and supporting the participation of young people in social life.


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Office of the President of the Association

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Office of Administrative Affairs

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Office of Social Affairs

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Department of International Affairs

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Department of Programs

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Department of Finance

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Department of Media and Promotion