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Well Organized and Involved in Polish Diaspora Matters: Interview of the PSM President on Radio RAM

The guest of Radio RAMPA is Jakub Staniewski, the founder and president of the Polish Youth Association operating in the USA. The association was established in 2019 in New York, and its main goal is to unite Polish and Polish youth from around the world.

Jakub J. Staniewski, President of the Polish Youth Association at Radio RAMPA Interview

As Jakub Staniewski said on Radio RAMPA, PSM will want to extend and maintain the tradition of the Polish Student Organization, which suspended its activities a few years ago and would celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. At the same time, Jakub was officially handed over the baton of management and possible continuation of PSO's activities.

In the interview, you will find out who creates the Association and what universities its members study at. Thanks to the activities of the Association, young people can not only expand their circle of acquaintances, but above all, share their student and professional experiences, gain valuable information about internships or scholarships, and also get to know their mentor. The Association also organizes interesting meetings, workshops and trips. In the interview, Jakub talks about the ones that have been completed in recent months, and the upcoming ones - such as workshops on financial management, which will be held in cooperation with the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union.

Currently, volunteers of the Polish Youth Association are also involved in helping with registration for local elections in New York. Volunteers of the Association can be found in Polish community centers in New York, as well as during Polish community events - this is where, as part of the #PolishAmericanVote campaign , young people remind about the need to register for elections, and help to do it electronically. You will also hear about it in the interview.

More information on the activities of the Polish Youth Association: Polish Youth Association (

This article and interview was published on May 22, 2021 on Radio RAMPA.

Source: Polskie Stowarzyszenie Młodzieży

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