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Youth Revives the Tradition of Polish-American Discos

For many years, youth discos were absent from the calendar of regular Polish-American events. At the request of its members, the Polish Youth Association organized the first disco for Polish-American youth at Kaskade Restaurant in Greenpoint.

The Valentine’s disco attracted over 100 participants from Greenpoint, as well as from Maspeth, Ridgewood, and New Jersey. The goal of the event was to recreate the cherished experiences that the parents of today’s youth once enjoyed, offering a nostalgic yet modern atmosphere.

Thanks to the collaboration with Kaskade Restaurant and the hospitality of Jolanta Filip, the youth enjoyed delicious food, drinks, and snacks.

The Valentine’s Disco was a fantastic opportunity for the community to come together, providing a space to forge new friendships and strengthen existing relationships, which is essential for a sense of belonging.

Unlike the traditional Youth Ball, this event skipped formalities such as speeches, allowing more time for dancing and socializing. Positive feedback from participants has led to the announcement of more youth discos to be held several times a year in New Jersey and New York.


Source: Polish Youth Association

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