Gabriela Woźniak

Student Relations Coordinator


About me

Gabriela Wozniak currently attends Beacon High School in Manhattan. She is a member of the student government and medical club at her school. She is also the coordinator for the blood drive committee. Due to her hard work and dedication she encouraged many new students to donate blood. In her spare time she helps tutor students and is a teacher assistant for both the science and math department at her school. Her favorite subjects are mathematics and science. During the summer she spends most of her time traveling to Poland to learn more about her country and culture. Since Gabriela’s family is mostly in Poland she is fortunate to have the opportunity in continuing to learn and speak the polish language as well as learning the history and culture of Poland.

For the past nine years she was a student at the Polish School of Marii Konopnickiej where she consistently worked on improving her speaking, writing, and reading in Polish. She also was a dancer at Hamilton Dance for 12 years and a student at Kobo Music for 4 years for singing. During the summer of 2017, she was given the opportunity to become a volunteer at one of the best hospitals in New York City, Lenox Hill. Due to this program her interest in medicine and helping patients increased and she decided to continue the volunteering throughout the school year. In addition, she was given the opportunity to mentor future student volunteers at the hospital. As a volunteer she makes sure that the patients always feel welcomed and that the nurses have all the tools and supplies that they need to help assist the patients. Working at the Infusion Center has allowed her to finally be part of the medical family and has played a great role in her dedication, responsibility, and communication skills. When she is not studying or dedicating her time at the hospital, Gabriela loves to travel, read, and spend time with her friends and family. In the future she hopes to attend Duke University and eventually go to medical school. 


The Coordinator of Student Relations is responsible for the Association's cooperation with the student and university community, identifying the needs of students and providing support in the scope of decisions made by the Association's Board of Directors in regard to the student community. Runs the Association's sources of information relating to studying and scholarships, helps to coordinate events organized for students and the university community.