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Thank you! We'll be in touch soon!

We announce the urgent recruitment of volunteers!

The deadline for registering volunteers is May 8, 2021.

What is the action about?

The Polish Youth Association is looking for volunteers to organize a voter registration drive in Greenpoint, NY. The aim of the action is to register for voting as many Polish voters as possible in those constituencies with the most Polish diaspora.


This year is especially important for the residents of New York — in 2021, we elect many councilors to the New York City Council, and also, we elect a new mayor! The selected candidates will have a direct impact on the life of the city's inhabitants, including the Polish diaspora. In the elections, we will vote for councilors representing the districts inhabited by the Polish diaspora - District 33 (Greenpoint and Williamsburg) and District 30 (Maspeth, Ridgewood, Middle Village, Woodhaven and Woodside).

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Important Information

The time to register people to vote is May 28 . Primary elections will be held on June 22 . Elections on November 2 .

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Who can volunteer?

  • youth above 15 years old (high school students and students)

  • students who have to do a certain number of hours of community work

  • youth who can spend a few hours of their time fulfilling their civic duty

How can I get involved?

To become a volunteer:


Fill out the above registration form


A representative of our organization will contact you


At a joint meeting, you will learn about the volunteering guidelines


We are starting the voter registration campaign


For completion of work, you receive recommendation letters and community service hours

Volunteers will be stationed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at churches, schools and other places important to the Polish diaspora. Wherever there are Poles, we will be there - that is, after the Holy Mass. in front of the church, after the start and end of classes in Polish schools and busy street corners in the center of Greenpoint (Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint Ave., McGuinness Blvd.).


Voter registration is made through the voter registration system available on the DMV website - using a phone, tablet or computer. Each volunteer decides for himself how many hours he can spend on the action.

For their time, volunteers will receive:

Cash Prize

Volunteers who register the largest number of voters will receive a prize! The aim of the campaign is to register at least 100 new voters for the election.

Community Service Hours

All volunteers will receive a letter of community service hours that will certify the number of hours that you volunteered.

Recommendation letters

Volunteers will receive recommendation letters from Polish diaspora institutions — useful when applying to college or looking for a job.

What will we achieve?

Until May 28, we are focusing on registering as many people as possible to vote. Our goal is to make the New York Polish community aware of how important it is to vote and what benefits can come from it as well as why we should take an active part in local elections. If we manage to register 100-300 people to vote, we will contribute to strengthening the voting power of Polonia.

We are building the strength of the Polish community on the political map of New York

We take an active part in making political decisions

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