Natalia Turkiewicz

Deputy Director of Social Affairs

About me

Natalia Turkiewicz currently attends the High School for Health Professions and Human Services in Manhattan. She currently attends Polish School at the Parish of St. Cyril & Methodius Church in Brooklyn, New York. Natalia is enrolled in a medical assisting program run through her high school and she volunteers at Jag One-on-one physical therapy. She has a strong passion for medicine and loves helping people. In her free time Natalia enjoys playing football as well as cheerleading, singing and playing guitar. 


Natalia is an active volunteer in multiple communities. She often volunteers at her high school along with her polish school. In addition to that she is an active volunteer in her parish St. Stanislaus Kostka as well as her middle school where she helps prepare the students for ballroom competitions. Natalia has a strong passion for her Polish ethnicity and being able to speak fluently in Polish has helped her tremendously succeed as both a student and as an individual. 


The Deputy Director of Social Affairs is responsible for coordinating broadly understood social initiatives, looking after membership affairs and coordinating effective cooperation with Polish youth and students. In the absence or disability of the Vice President of Social Affairs, the Deputy Director shall perform the duties of the Vice President of Social Affairs in right of the role of the Vice President of Social Affairs as ex-officio Director of Social Affairs.

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