Bartek Szymański

Chief Administrative Officer

Bartek Szymański

About me

Born and raised in America with strong Polish roots, he always devoted his time to social work, in particular to work in the Polish diaspora. He is the youngest member of the organizing committee of the Pulaski Parade. As a student attending Pace University, Bartek is constantly involved in activities related to youth work.

In addition to his duties as Vice President for Administrative Affairs at the Polish Youth Association, he is also the first Pole to chair the student government at his university.


Provides support in formal, administrative and organizational activities to the President. Coordinates effective cooperation with Polish diaspora youth and ensures the effective flow of information in the structure. Represents members inside and outside the aassociation, and helps in making decisions on their behalf regarding the current functioning of the association. Performs a number of administrative and organizational activities necessary for the effective functioning of the Association. Supports the management board in performing tasks, ensures the proper functioning of the administrative facilities.