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Office of Social Affairs

of the Polish Youth Association



Natalia Turkiewicz

Vice President for Social Affairs

Natalia Turkiewicz currently attends the High School for Health Professions and Human Services in Manhattan. She currently attends Polish School at the Parish of St. Cyril & Methodius Church in Brooklyn, New York. Natalia is enrolled in a medical assisting program run through her high school and she volunteers at Jag One-on-one physical therapy. She has a strong passion for medicine and loves helping people. In her free time Natalia enjoys playing football as well as cheerleading, singing and playing guitar. 


Gabriela Woźniak

Coordinator for Student Relations


Daria Kalinowski

Coordinator of Membership Affairs


Natalia Ostapowicz

Coordinator of Scholarships


The Office of Social Affairs is responsible for dealing with broadly understood social initiatives, looking after membership affairs and coordinating effective cooperation with Polish youth and students. The Office of Social Affairs conducts social research and ensures the Association's approach to the needs of young people in addition to managing information related to scholarships and studies, and being responsible for all membership matters.


The Office of  Social Affairs should be contacted via email (socialaffairs@polishyouth.org) in matters pertaining to membership, students, universities, scholarships and delegations of the association.

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Office of the President of the Association

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Office of Administrative Affairs

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Office of Social Affairs

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Department of International Affairs

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Department of Programs

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Department of Finance

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Department of Media and Promotion