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Polish National Alliance Scholarship


II Undergraduate to IV Undergraduate

Polish National Alliance

April 15, 2024

Scholarship Amount

Grade Level


Application Due


The Applicant must be a beneficial premium paying member in
good standing with the PNA for at least three (3) years,
2. The Applicant must be an insured premium paying member in
good standing with PNA for at least two years, providing one
parent has been an insured member for at least five years.
Please provide parents/guardians policy information.
3. Applicants must have a permanent plan of insurance and be
current with premiums under the following:
• Life Paid Up at 90,
• Life Paid Up at 65,
• 20 Pay Life,
• Single Premium Whole Life
4. Annuities and Plan 718 (Modified Life Paid Up at 65) are excluded.
5. Effective June 2022 ALL scholarship applicants are required
to have a minimum of $10,000 policy to qualify to apply.6. The evaluation will be based on a Cumulative Point System.
A GPA below 3.0 will not be considered.
7. Scholarships will be awarded for studies and programs only in
the U.S. and/or administered by U.S. Colleges and Universities.
8. All Applicants will be notified of the Committees decision in
the month of July. All awards will be mailed directly to the
College or University where the student will be attending in

About the Institution

Polish National Alliance

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