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Department of Programs

of the Polish Youth Association


David Piskadło

Director of Programs

Born in the United States as the son of two immigrants from Poland, David was constantly growing up around Polish language and culture. He is extremely proud of his Polish origin. Currently, David is studying cell biology and neuroscience at Rutgers University. In his free time he likes to spend time traveling with family and friends, as well as helping as a volunteer in a children's hospital.

Julia Maciejak

Coordinator of Cultural Programs

Adam Bieleń



The Department of Programs is responsible for creating, organizing and carrying out projects and programs implemented by the Polish Youth Association. The Department of Programs also manages the logistics processes related to the Association's activities in the community.


The Department of Programs should be contacted via e-mail (dpiskadlo.psm@gmail.com) in matters pertaining to the programs and projects curated by the association.

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Office of the President of the Association

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Office of Administrative Affairs

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Office of Social Affairs

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Department of International Affairs

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Department of Programs

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Department of Finance

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Department of Media and Promotion