Victoria Pietruszewski

Deputy Director of Media and Promotion

About me

Victoria Pietruszewski is a 17-year old student at Old Bridge High School in New Jersey.  She has an interests in business, history and government subjects to prepare her for college. Victoria is apart of an accounting program in her school where she works with a tax accounting firm to experience real world accounting processes.  In addition, Victoria attends Polish Supplementary School at Academy of John Paul II in South Amboy, New Jersey.  During the summer she volunteers at her town day camp and also act as a liaison between Polish Youth Organization and her Polish Supplementary School.

On her spare time Victoria likes to spend a lot of time with her family and friends.  She share the passion for martial arts with her dad.  She achieved 1st degree Black Belt in Takekwondo and now study new martial arts style based.  She also enjoys going to the gym, playing tennis, swimming or hiking with her family.  Victoria also has a strong interest in drawing, painting and photography.  Furthermore, she loves traveling to new places and explore nature, food or culture.  Victoria visited few places in Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Central and North America and is hoping to visit every continent in her future travels. 


The Deputy Director of Media & Promotion is responsible for creating the Association's marketing policy based on a long-term strategy, running the association's social networking sites on the Internet, designing and publishing information and announcements, helps maintain the image of the Association, and deals with the publication of promotional materials.