John Niewiński

Membership Coordinator


About me

John Niewinski attended Brooklyn Technical High School in New York City. Part of the Long Island University PharmD program, John focused his education in chemistry and biology, expanding his passion for both. John, also very fascinated with engineering, was a member of the Brooklyn Technical High School FRC Robotics team. Over his four years, he dedicated countless hours every year to manufacturing a robot for regional competitions.

For eight years John attended the Polish School of Marii Konopnickiej, spending his childhood learning about Polish culture. He also attended the Polish School at the Parish of St. Cyril & Methodius Church during his four years of high school. John is very proud of his Polish ethnicity and his ability to speak Polish fluently. In his free time, John enjoys long-distance running and cycling. He also devotes time to helping his community, whether it be in his high school, Polish school, or local Church. 

John currently attends St. John’s University, where he will spend the next several years under the PharmD program. 


The Membership Coordinator is primarily responsible for producing and distributing each new member's certificate of membership.