Daria Kalinowski

Team Member


About me

Daria Kalinowski is a graduate of Garfield High School and of St. Stanislaus Kostka Polish Supplementary School in Garfield, New Jersey. In her spare time, Daria enjoys ballroom dance, singing and playing guitar.  Having been born and raised in the United States, her Polish heritage and cultural background are an important part of her identity.  In the future, Daria would like to travel the world, especially to someday be able to help communities in need. She is an individual dedicated to her home country and is passionate about helping others.


The Coordinator of Membership Affairs is responsible for all matters concerning the members of the Polish Association, maintains and updates the list of members, is responsible for publishing materials useful for members and helps the Polish Youth Association fulfill its obligations towards the member community. Works with members of the Association to improve the programs implemented by the Association and identifies the needs of members. Coordinates the collection of relevant membership fees and is responsible for expanding the membership of the Association.