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Department of International Affairs

of the Polish Youth Association


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Helena Źródłowska

Director of International Affairs

Helena Źródłowska was born in Kozienice. She also lived in Estonia and Ukraine as a child. She moved to the USA at the age of 20, where she is currently a student of Economics and Business at New York University. In the past, she was the Event Department Assistant at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw. Currently, she is the assistant at the human resources department at NYU Wagner.


The Department of International Affairs is responsible for cooperation with the delegations and branches of the association in foreign countries and coordinates their cooperation with the Board of the Polish Youth Association. Helps in establishing delegations and contacts with government and non-governmental organizations outside the United States.


The Department of International Affairs should be contacted via email (international@polishyouth.org) in matters pertaining to international cooperation, work with the government or non-profits outside of the United States and delegations of the association.

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Department of International Affairs

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