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Our Association

The Polish Youth Association was established in May 2019. Then a group of young emigrants came to the conclusion that an organization should be established that would unite Polish and Polish diaspora youth from all over the world.

The founder and creator of the Association is Jakub J. Staniewski, a long-term Polish activist, young entrepreneur and chairman of the Youth Committee at the Polish Supplementary School Council. Currently, he is the first president of the organization, working closely with the board and youth living abroad and in Poland to increase youth involvement in activities related to Poland and Polish culture. As the president and founder of the Polish Youth Association, he is a co-creator of important projects for youth and education: "Youth about Poland" Conference, and many training workshops for youth in various fields of culture, art, business and medicine. He is historically the youngest member of the jury for the prestigious "Outstanding Pole" Award, of the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation "Teraz Polska".


The inauguration of the Polish Youth Association took place at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York, one of the most prestigious Polish diplomatic missions in the world.

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