Adam Bieleń

Coordinator of Sports and Recreation

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About me

Adam is currently a Senior attending Manhattan Business Academy in New York City. He is very passionate about entrepreneurship, social mobility, business management, finance, and leveraging technology and social media to impact people across the globe in positive ways. He went through things no young teen age boy deserved to go through and hit rock bottom in life, but that helped him see the world in a whole different way and changed him for the better. Some people don’t even recognize him now on how much he grew from this tragic event. He is so motivated and determined to do anything, can manage his time in ways teenagers aren’t able to do. He is part of so many programs and activities outside of school and is very active in every single one of them. He is always eager to learn more about the business world -something he is interested in- and how economics and business can be applied to open grateful opportunities for the coming generations.