Sylvia Bandasiewicz

Team Member


About me

Sylvia Bandasiewicz was born and raised in New York. Most of her family lives in Białystok and Stalowa Wola. Every year he comes to Poland to visit them and stay in touch with them.
In order to stay in touch with her roots, she attended the Polish School of Henryk Sienkiewicz in order to learn to speak, read and write fluently in Polish. She learned about the culture and stayed in touch with the Polish community. She participated in Polish Scouting from 2012-2020 to strengthen her role in the community.

She has always known that she would like to work with patients in healthcare and currently works as a physiotherapy advisor. He will graduate from Hunter College in 2023 with a specialization in human biology and psychology. He is applying for accelerated postgraduate studies for masters and doctoral studies in nursing. Planning to specialize in obstetrics or surgical nursing.

When not at school or work, she loves reading, hiking, traveling, and going to music festivals or concerts. She visited 20 states and 8 countries with friends and family.


Sylvia is a member of the Youth Ball committee and is an active volunteer for the overall organization.