Olivia Bąk

Director of International Affairs


About me

Born and raised in the United States, Olivia was interested in the Polish language, tradition and culture from her family home. Olivia studies economics and English at the O'Malley School of Business at Manhattan College. In 2019, she began working as a marketing representative for Canary, a social music platform.


Olivia's great passion is singing and dancing. She dreams of becoming an actress after graduation. Since childhood, she sang, danced and performed in theater and film stages. She worked with various people from the show industry. Olivia's goal as an artist is to be truly on stage and to play unique characters that might have been previously unknown to others.


Creates the Association's marketing policy based on a long-term strategy, runs the association's social networking sites on the Internet, designs and publishes information and announcements, helps maintain the image of the Association, and deals with the publication of promotional materials.