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Office of Administrative Affairs

of the Polish Youth Association


Bartek Szymanski

Bartek Szymański

Vice President for Administrative Affairs

Born and raised in America with strong Polish roots, he always devoted his time to social work, in particular to work in the Polish diaspora. He is the youngest member of the organizing committee of the Pulaski Parade. As a student attending Pace University, Bartek is constantly involved in activities related to youth work.


Julia Wojtkowski

Assistant Vice President


Anna Gutowska

Technical Assistance Specialist


The Office of Administrative Affairs is dedicated to providing support to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the coordination of  committee meetings and the oversight of general administrative affairs relating to the running of the organization. Corporate records such as meeting minutes, corporate documents, and templates are kept on file by the Office of Administrative Affairs.


The Office of Administrative Affairs should be contacted via email (adminaffairs@polishyouth.org) in matters pertaining to partnership with the association, as well as administrative and general matters.

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Office of the President of the Association

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Office of Administrative Affairs

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Office of Social Affairs

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Department of International Affairs

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Department of Programs

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Department of Finance

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Department of Media and Promotion